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ZCS Series

ZCS Series


Manufactured from mineral fibres.

Service temperature: <7,800 deg C (DIN 52271).
Melting temperature: 12,000 deg C (DIN 4102 / T17).
Unaffected by water and humidity (DIN 52615).
Highly flexible and easy to install.
Resistant to micro organisms, moisture and fungus.
Resistant to wide range of aggressive agents except hydrochloric acid and concentrated alkalis.
Free of asbestos and ceramics.
ZCS Fire barrier complies with the European guideline 97/69/CE and is not hazardous for human health.

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The ZCS Series Fire Barrier range is made of compressible, non combustible mineral fibres over bound with glass fibre yarn. It is supplied as a highly flexible, moisture and fungus resistant, cylindrical joint filler. ZCS Series Fire Barrier guarantees an efficient protection against fire and hot gases for up to 4 hours. The system is extremely easy to install by hand and is available in a range of diameters from 40mm to 170mm. It can be used independently or in combination with silicon or polyurethane sealant, expansion or compression joint seals, clip fixed joint covers or any other mechanical protection or waterproofing system. We recommend ZCS Series for applications such as structural movement joints in floors, walls and ceilings, precast panels joints, protection between horizontal concrete slabs and curtain walls, head of walls, etc… Our ZCS Series Fire Barrier efficiently protects hospitals, schools, airport terminals, malls and shopping centers, rail terminals, hotels, car parks, stadiums, and many other public buildings.